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Code Red: Youth of the Nation partners with Snap Cares on Fundraising Collection

We have partnered with a wonderful organization, Snap Cares, aimed at raising awareness and funding for the implementation of Code Red: YOTN solutions.

Launched September 8th!

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The Code Red Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has a heart for protecting the youth of our nation. The foundation was created in response to the solutions-based documentary, 'Code Red: Youth of the Nation," which shows us the numerous failures within our systems that are allowing senseless tragedies to plague our schools and what we can do to make our kids’ safer
NOW. Here at Code Red, we are committed to implementing those changes in schools across our nation. We ask that you join us to help make those changes a reality!

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Code Red:
Youth of the Nation

With more school shootings than ever before, ‘Code Red: Youth of the Nation’ exposes the fatal cost of our children's education. The documentary seeks to restore the safety of our schools by providing the tools and solutions to put an end to these tragedies.

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Why Code Red?

Because we see the need and we are here to meet it. In response to one of the deadliest active shooter events in high school history, which took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, we have spent the past two and a half years working with federal and local law enforcement, teachers, students, administrators and those who have experienced these tragedies in real time.

During the journey, we've not only identified the failures within our systems, but also the external threats that our kids are facing daily. We've developed the tools and solutions for those Code Red moments, and we're ready for you to help us make them a reality.

Our kids are in CRISIS. Together, we can CHANGE this narrative.

Fact: There have been over 500 active shooter casualties
since 2009.

Fact: Over 323,000 students have experienced gun violence in schools since Columbine

Fact: A weapon is fired on a school campus on average of 2 times per week.

Fact: Over 4 million students experience a Code Red lockdown every year.

Fact: There are current policies in our schools that expose our children to unsafe environments.

Fact: Over 98% of active shooters announce their intentions prior to the event.

Our kids deserve better than these statistics.
For Code Red's plan to combat these threats, please visit 'What We Do.'

This is our generation's call to action.
This is a national CODE RED."

— Bailee Madison, actress and Code Red Ambassador

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