Protecting our youth.

YOTN is committed to protecting them, while empowering you.

Trauma Kits

Not having the proper equipment should never lead to the loss of life. Especially in our schools. A trauma kit for every classroom.

Active Shooter Training

For teachers, knowing what to do in an emergency situation can make the difference of lives being lost, or lives being saved . .

Mental Health. Depression. PTSD. Suicide.

Prevention. Intervention. Protection. Know the signs, know where to go and know how to help.

When you have the chance to save a life, save a life.

Fire extinguishers and first aid kits have been in every classroom for decades. An extension of these safety elements are trauma kits. If an event takes place where an injury consists of more than just a bump or a scrape, a trauma kit has the ability to prevent the loss of life.

In the extreme application, every trauma kit that was carried into the 1200 building at Marjory Stoneman Douglas that day was used, and they saved lives. Having these kits on hand, prior to emergency responders arrival, significantly reduces blood loss application threshold time and increases the probability of survival.

Recognize mistakes. FIX them.

Being prepared for an active shooter event has become necessary to protect our kids. There were numerous protocol and training failures during the Parkland tragedy. From delayed “Code Red” calls to students being evacuated into hallways and being locked out of classrooms during the event, life-changing mistakes were made that could have been avoided if training had been integrated.

Active Shooter Training and threat assessments, scheduled for when there are no kids on campus, prepares our teachers and administrators for these events and ensures that if something does happen, they know how to keep our kids safe.

Know the signs. SAVE our kids.

From depression and anxiety to suicide, statistical evidence tells us that our kids are in a crisis. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for 15 - 34 year olds. Whether it be social media’s negative feedback loop or the lack of identification of those in crisis with dangerous tendencies, there is a lack of intervention.

Providing a safe space and rapid intervention availabilities for our kids is priority. Whether it be for their own mental health or fears about the well being of another, providing them with a place to voice their concerns and get in touch with mental health professionals helps prevent the possibility of catastrophic outcomes.

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We have developed a multi-tiered program to create the safe environments our kids deserve. Through prevention, protection and intervention, we have assembled a family of industry leaders, non-profit partners, and a celebrity support network that is ready to unify for our youth- but, we need YOU to stand with us.


Your generosity will:

  • Support supplying life-saving trauma kits in every classroom
  • Provide active shooter training for teachers and student resource officers
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