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Code Red Launches a Digital Art Collection Fundraiser Campaign to Restore School Safety

September 18, 2023

Jupiter, FL - September 2023- The Code Red Foundation, driven by its commitment to the youth and school safety, is thrilled to announce the commencement of its new fundraiser, a Collection for a Cause. The fundraising campaign commenced September 8, 2023.

Originating from a profound commitment to instigate real change and guarantee the safety of every student, this campaign transcends being merely a fundraiser. It stands as a poignant artistic homage and a call to our shared values and ideals. Every custom piece of artwork from the Code Red-Youth of the Nation collection symbolizes a promise of transformation, optimism, and a more secure future.

A considerable portion of the proceeds from every sale will be directed back to Code Red Initiatives, fortifying its mission to eradicate the devastating incidents of school shootings. “The absence of the right equipment should not result in lost lives, particularly in our educational institutions” remarks Conor Riley, Director of “Code Red: Youth of the Nation” Documentary. Their initiative is multifaceted focusing on:

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